Girder-fork leg



So, I had an idea for a leg design inspired by motorcycle girder-forks (yeah, I know this bike doesn’t have them). I was also thinking about the work of Carlo Mollino, a 20th century furniture designer. The leg could be used on tables, case pieces and chairs. The idea wasn’t to mimic the forks exactly but more to subtly tap into the industrial strength of the shapes.

From The Vintagent

Here’s a girder-forked Norton from The Vintagent



I liked the simplicity and efficiency of the design, but couldn’t resist the temptation to use more traditional joinery. This made for some tricky mitered mortise and tenon joints. I made full scale model of the leg in poplar first to see how to it would work, and look.


I had some large planks of sepele which would yield a 3 foot by 9 foot table. The planks were 18 inches wide and I wanted to show that so I joined them together with bread-board ends. I used the space between the boards as a design feature and aligned the aprons to allow light through. Placing the aprons in the center also keeps them from hitting your knees.


I hand planed the top and left the faceted marks from the planes for a more lively  hewn surface. It just seems warmer and friendlier. The finish is linseed oil and shellac.

DSC_0190 (1)

It’s hard to photograph this table in our little gallery. I really like the stance and angles down bellow.






I don’t mind mixing styles, good design is good design.



2 responses

  1. yan jing's family

    Hi David. I continue to be inspired by your ideas, designs, and techniques. The table is gorgeous. And fun next to the 18th century chair. I have to say that living in a home with many shedding dogs, my thoughts turned to dusting. How to get dog fur trapped in the spokes. However, dusting would be a pleasure. Your furniture has tactile appeal making dusting a sensual delight, a higher calling. If only all of us housewives and housenservants could have such furniture to dust. It lifts the domestic spirit. Cheers!

    September 8, 2015 at 7:29 pm

  2. sms2yd

    I’m glad do see another post here. You post great work, and I’ve enjoyed reading about your projects. Keep it up!

    September 17, 2015 at 9:29 pm

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